Pump Suddenly Stops Working

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Has your power gone out, or your breaker tripped?
  • Has your equipment accidentally shut off? Check the power source.
  • Is your water level low, causing your pump to lose prime? Fill the pool to your proper operational level.
  • Have any of your valves been closed? Make sure all valves are open properly.
  • Are all your baskets, in the skimmer and pump clean and claer of debris?
  • Is your lid sealed on the pump?
  • Is the pump full of water?
  • Has your automation system experienced a power outage? If so, reset the time.
  • Do you have an automatic timer? Make sure your dial is set to the right time and the on and off trippers are in the right time locations.
  • Has something gotten stuck in your impeller? Carefully check this, making sure the power to the pump is off before you investigate.

If none of these help, call Lee’s Pool Repair Service for additional troubleshooting tips.